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About Me

Kristin Bloom is a professional freelance cinematographer and film editor. She grew up in the southeast where her love for the arts was developed while drifting between film sets in both the Nashville and Atlanta regions. She eventually decided to move out west to further expand her outlook on life and the artistic process.


Kristin has produced, directed, and filmed multiple projects as well as cofounded her own production company that encourages and supports the collaborative efforts of other artists.

Kristin graduated from Middle Tennessee State University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Video and Film Production. During her time there, she studied the various facets of filmmaking, including cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, and pre and post production. She produced several short films during her studies and finalized her education with an independent study that focused on cinematography.

She also has a minor in Theatre, where she studied practical makeup effects. Practical techniques from her studies can often be found implemented in Kristin's own films.

Currently, Kristin resides in Montana where she is pursuing her Masters in Media Arts.

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